2024 04


Simonas Petrulis, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Baltic FEZ, and new President of the Lithuanian Association of Free Economic Zones (LAFEZ), emphasized the significant potential of the country’s FEZs. He highlights that FEZ management companies create attractive conditions for investors by quickly adapting manufacturing, storage, and logistics facilities to meet their needs. S. Petrulis also notes that the Parliament’s decision to allow defense industry companies to establish operations in FEZ territories is an important step that could significantly boost the development of these zones and help achieve an economic breakthrough.
The territory of the Baltic FEZ is located near the future European railway “Rail Baltica,” and it is in this area that a dual-purpose loading and unloading platform will be installed. “This upcoming infrastructure of European importance justifiably allows us to expect that the Marijampolė FEZ will become an even more attractive location for the defense industry,” states Povilas Isoda, the Mayor of Marijampolė Municipality.
The Baltic FEZ, located near the upcoming European railway “Rail Baltica”, plans to construct a manufacturing facility that will meet the highest energy efficiency class, A++. This building will be adapted to individual manufacturers’ needs with minimal costs. Moreover, the building will be divided into three sections, each with external accesses and driveways designed for trucks, and additional ramps can be installed if needed. A solar power plant is also planned to be installed on the roof, the energy from which will be used for the building’s needs.
The manufacturing facility in the Baltic FEZ is being constructed on a 1.1 ha plot. It will have a height of up to 12.5 meters and will be equipped with all necessary utilities, including electricity and natural gas.
This project aims to attract manufacturers and exporters of higher and medium-value products.
The construction of the manufacturing facility in the Baltic FEZ is partially financed by INVEGA through the incentive financial instrument “Installation of Typical Manufacturing Facilities in Free Economic Zones, Industrial Parks, and Other Industrial Areas.” The project is funded by the budget funds of the Republic of Lithuania through INVEGA.